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The Aether System

The Aether RPG system is a tabletop game built from the ground up to give you as much freedom as possible while playing a high-fantasy RPG. At its heart it is a narrative based game built around fast card based resolution mechanics and the idea that your own abilities let you go beyond your limits to do some amazing things. 

Play your cards right and you’ll become a hero. 

Tell Your Story

The goal of the Aether RPG system is to give you and your play group all the tools you need to sit down and create a fun and engaging story together. The first iteration will have distinct Narrator (game runner), Player and Creator toolkits, each of which contains tools for running the system, creating characters, and even all of the math and structure needed to help you create your own material for the game. This is so that you and your group can tell your stories, your way.

Coming Soon: The Aetherscape

The Aetherscape is my own ground-up multiverse built to use the Aether RPG system. It’s starting with Oraxis, the first material realm I’ve built, and will spiral out from there. For lack of a better term, the Aetherscape is my catch-all project: I write stories set in it, I run tabletop games using it, and now I’m building my own TTRPG for it. It’ll take me a while to transfer everything about it, so check back periodically to see if new posts have come out! Click below to start exploring!

Oraxis is a sci-fantasy setting full of high-flying skyships, elemental crystals, ancient magical secrets, cities hidden beyond the clouds and heroes waiting to be made. Magic sings the soul-song of the Aetherscape, and Oraxians have long known how to tap into their very souls for magic and power. 

Overall, Oraxis started as a setting for my home TTRPG group and… evolved. It draws on my love of classic JRPGs, pirates, magic and blends it all with a late 19th, early 20th century architecture and visual aesthetic. Take a read, borrow everything for your own games and stories and I hope you enjoy!

Realms and Deities

Licensing and Use

The entirety of the Aether RPG system and setting materials associated with the Aetherscape are under a Creative Commons with Attribution license. Take the game, take the setting, tear them up, rebuild them, use them. I want to see people use Aether for games, I want to see people use the Aetherscape setting for their own work and projects.

And I don’t want a dime of any associated money. Sell your stuff. Just put a shout out to me in it whenever you use it, and then let me know so that I can check it out!

Aether 2.0 Dev Update

Aether Development Update Well isn’t this neat, first blog post up on the website (because I’m trying to get used to using it more), and it’s  a development update for

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