About Crow (He/Him)

I’m Crow, and I currently work as a freelance story Writer, Editor,  and TTRPG Designer. I’m 25 and about to start my last year on a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. More importantly, I love a good story. Hit me with a novel, a TTRPG, a short story, make them fantasy or sci-fi and you’ll get me from 0 to full hype mode in a matter of sentences. 

I love stories. And I love helping people make good stories. That’s the point of my Aether RPG, to give people a way to tell the stories they have in their heads and hearts that are waiting to be let out. It’s why I edit: I want to see those stories reach their full potential. So if you need an editor, a game designer for a TTRPG, or even want a consultation for story and/or game design, feel free to use my Contact page to send me an email. 


My rates for editing may seem high at first, but I want it known up front that the full cost of a project is not required up front. My rates increase based on the types of editing you’re looking for, and I request a down-payment on the work depending on the length of the project. I focus on Developmental Editing, Line Editing, and some Proofreading. If you’re looking to hire an editor, and wondering what type of editing you need me to do, check the descriptions below for details and rates.

Developmental Edits

Developmental edits are what you hire a story editor for. These are designed to help make your story or product flow and make sense. Developmental edits are what I specialize in.

Rate: $0.10USD per word.

Line/Copy Editing

Line and Copy edits are designed to help make sections or sentences make sense. They focus on aspects of sentence structure, grammar, and overall legibility of a story or product.

Rate: $0.05USD per word.


Proofreading should be the final phase of edits leading to a finished document. This is a focus on grammar, punctuation and spelling, the final touches before writing goes to print.

Rate: $0.05USD per word.


I can be commissioned to write short stories or you can hire me to write for various TTRPG and story-related projects as well. However, because writing is (overall) a much more involved process, my rate is a bit higher than for editing.  This rate is negotiable depending on the project.

Rate: $0.12USD per word.

Narrative Consultation

Outside of editing, I also narrative consultations for stories and games. These are paid by the hour and during them we’ll chat about story structure and getting narrative systems in place for your TTRPGs and other projects that interact well with your chosen mechanics. 

Rate: $20.00USD per hour.

Payment and Process

My rates are negotiable, depending on the project, my time and your budget. My rates are high because I deserve to get paid a livable wage for the work I do, and I have a collective eight years of education (soon to be two full degrees) and experience. If you want a portfolio of my work, click through the website and see if you think we’re a good fit. 

However, I don’t expect payment for large projects up front. I have a guideline for down-payments for work that ensures I get paid even if a project falls through, so that I’m not burning time without making money. The guidelines are based on word count and listed below: 

  •  0-5000 Words, 10% up front and the rest on completion. 
  • 5000-10 000 Words, 15% up front and the rest on completion
  • 10 000 Words or more, 20% up front and the rest on completion. 
I will also allow projects to be paid out in multiple installments over time, however that must be addressed in the contract ahead of time. I am perfectly willing to adjust contracts and include a clause on doing so in my contracts with certain guidelines as well. 

Commission Timeline

  • Discuss project length and pricing
  • Draft, share, adjust and sign contract. Determine down payment if necessary.
  • Receive any down payment.
  • Receive document (if editing), or instructions (if writing). 
  • First read. 
  • Sample edit upon request (first 2 pages for works above 5k
  • Updates on project progress
  • Inform you on completion of the project. 
  • Receive final payment. 
  • Return the final edits or writing.

Personal Policies

I reserve the right to decline commissions for the following reasons:

  • Personal life complications
  • Too many current projects
  • If I find the project distasteful or it would be a violation of ethics (personal or otherwise) to work on it. 
  • I don’t work with rude customers. I want to work with you, but if you’re abusive and/or rude I reserve the right to keep your down payment and return whatever work I’ve already completed on the project. 
Refund Policy: 
I will refund a project’s down payment if I am informed that the final payment can’t be completed. This is only for editing and writing commissions. I will not refund consultation hours and I have a separate refund policy for any games or stories I produce for sale.